21. Gulaschprogrammiernacht

Performant cross-platform development using Flutter
06-08, 16:00–17:00 (Europe/Berlin), Blue Saloon
Language: English

Flutter is a software development kit based on the Dart language enabling developers to create performant cross-platform applications.

We'll have an introduction for people with some basic knowledge of Flutter or other cross-platform toolkits and later on a view on advanced topics.

In this talk, we will have a look on performance-tuning, useful features as well as some background information on the Flutter framework, it's engine and the Dart runtime.

In particular, the following topics will be addressed:

  • What's this fluttery Flutter?
  • Animations
    • example of animations
    • performance-tuning
  • UX patterns in Flutter
    • responsive layouts
    • routing
    • hight-quality Widgets
  • the Flutter Framework
    • under the hood of Flutter's rendering
    • Flutter Web, dart2js and what Flutter has (not) to do with JavaScript

Content Notes

Flutter talk in chaos - the 25th edition

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