21. Gulaschprogrammiernacht

Perimeter security is dead, get over it.
06-10, 12:35–13:20 (Europe/Berlin), Media Theater
Language: Deutsch

We're still training perimeter security as one of the main mantras of information security in companies.

I show what perimeter security is and why it is outdated. I will give an alternative to replace permieter security

This is a talk over a needed change in network architecture as the older approach called perimeter security is not only not effective anymore but actually dangerous for companies.

Content Notes

This talk is about network architecture, firewalls, ad and co.

If those systems have caused traumata, panic attacks and breathing problems to you as an administrator - which i totally can understand - i'd recommend to not join the talk.

Old security guy that meanwhile lives in Rotterdam.

I don't break things anymore. I actually make better stuff.