21. Gulaschprogrammiernacht

Do not try this at home - rope access for nerds
Language: Deutsch

  • 06-08, 18:00–22:00, Unlocated
  • 06-09, 18:00–22:00, Unlocated

All times in Europe/Berlin

Rope access / Rope rescue stuff for nerds. We will learn how to navigate structures, hoist loads, load stretchers and carry entities.

Climbing on, under, around structures is challenging. Safety is paramount. Proper planning prevents poor performance. Bring your own gear, we will also provide a big box'o'stuffs. We might drop a banner or two somewhere for the lulz. Previous climbing experience good, but not necessary.

This workshop will be longer than announced in the calendar, you can drop in/out at any time and we will not be restricted to a room. Depending on demand, we will repeat/train more over the course of the GPN.

Starting point will probably be under the staircase to the right of the Info, providing ample skyhooks to start teaching movements and gear handling at a manageable height.

No reservation needed!

Content Notes

This is a hands-on-workshop about climbing. It is by its nature not 100% barrier free, but we will accommodate people with disabilities as good as we can. Your wheelchair can fly. No trigger topics except height and we can also overcome that.

Hello. I'm MikeTango. I am a rope access/rope rescue specialist, live on a ship half of every month and fix wind turbines somewhere out in the north sea. My favourite parts of the job are blade inspections, planning complicated access concepts and making my coworkers' lives interesting by springing surprise rescue drills on them.

my name is ChsRmb :)