21. Gulaschprogrammiernacht

Modern Observability - Scalable Observability with the LGTM Stack: Harnessing the Power of Loki, Grafana, Tempo, and Mimir
06-10, 18:15–19:15 (Europe/Berlin), Media Theater
Language: English

In today's rapidly evolving technology landscape, robust and scalable observability is crucial for maintaining reliable, high-performance systems. This talk delves into an advanced observability stack, known as the LGTM stack—Loki, Grafana, Tempo, and Mimir—that surpasses the limitations of traditional Prometheus-based solutions while maintaining compatibility with existing query languages and alert configurations. We will explore the core principles of OpenTelemetry, its seamless integration into the LGTM stack, and the significant benefits it brings to monitoring and tracing capabilities.

Content Notes


Cedi is a Senior Software Engineer and Technical Lead from Germany, specializing in Resiliency Engineering at Microsoft Azure. With a passion for distributed systems, site reliability engineering, and resilience engineering, Cedi focuses on building adaptable systems that can withstand failures while maintaining performance.

Outside his professional pursuits, Cedi has been involved with the Chaos Computer Club, leading the Network Team at GPN (GPN-NOC) and contributing to the Chaos Communication Congress. During the pandemic, he helped develop online services such as jitsi.rocks, open-infrastructure, and the Kubernetes Infrastructure powering rC3 - NOW HERE.

Cedi enjoys experimenting with Kubernetes, Linux, Raspberry Pis, and cloud-native technologies. In his spare time, he is an avid photographer with a collection of analog cameras, enjoying the hands-on experience of developing film at home.

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