21. Gulaschprogrammiernacht

Chiptune with GameBoys and Nanoloop2
06-09, 21:00–22:30 (Europe/Berlin), Room 112 (HFG)
Language: English

I will show you the basics of this 16 step looper with 4 channels, filters, LFO, attack and lengh. I have 9-10 devices with the software to share for the workshop. IMPORTANT: Please bring your headphones with 3,5 mm jack. Introduction is about 30-40 minutes and the rest is play/showtime. If you own an Analouge Pocket bring that one because it ships with the software.

Nanoloop2 is a 16 step looper for the Game Boy advance. Because the NDS-Lite has better sound, display and battery and is also a lot cheaper these days we are using these for the workshop. The only downside is it has no linkport, so we will not explore the link capabilities.
Checkout the features at :
Listen to what can be done with that little machine:

Content Notes

Requires hands to operate the machine
Not that much fun for deaf people I guess

See also: Revsion mix that did not upload in time (7.7 MB)

I make chiptune with handhelds. Everything else can be found at https://chaos.social/@Bobo_PK