21. Gulaschprogrammiernacht

Beginner workshop - How to plan & build your own LED project
06-09, 19:00–20:00 (Europe/Berlin), Room 112 (HFG)
Language: English

Learn the basics of how to plan & build your own LED projects! From theory to actual soldering and making LEDs glow in whatever effect you want! (and feel free to take them home and continue playing around)

Learn the basics of how to plan & build your own LED projects, using a development board specifically made for LED projects. Get inspiration from the wide range of exciting use cases for LEDs and learn how you can implement them at home, on your bike, or in other fun projects. Plus, learn how to quickly and easily get LEDs up and running - and learn some basic soldering at the same time as well. This workshop is for total beginners, with no prior experience in building projects with electronics. But if you already know a bit about it - also great, join us and learn even more, while having fun!:)
Please bring a USB-C cable + power source (power supply, laptop or external battery).

Content Notes

The number of attendees depends on how many desks and soldering stations can be provided. Assuming that Mitch (Altman) is building up a soldering area again, I could also use that room/equipment. Can also contact and ask him directly. Just let me know :)

Just your average cat onesie wearing maker & LED enthusiast.