22. Gulaschprogrammiernacht

GPN22 - Common Code <> Different Roots

As the 22. Gulaschprogrammiernacht approaches, we're looking for you participation!

This year’s motto is "Common Code <> Different Roots".
There is lots of common code we're using in our everyday digital and analogue lifes. What are the roots of this code? How to bring it together? How about the community behind the code?

Share your ideas, projects, research, art, or other interesting topics in a talk or workshop during the event.
Do you make art or a performance with "Common Code"? Bring it to the GPN on stage at ZKM & HfG Karlsruhe!

Submit your proposal or get in touch with us.

We especially want to encourage new and upcoming speakers to participate.
You are not sure if your content fits to the GPN? Give it a try or contact us!

If you have further questions or are interested in organizing a meetup, please contact us directly:
E-Mail: content@gulas.ch
Mastodon: @content@gulas.ch

You can enter proposals until 2024-05-11 23:59 (Europe/Berlin), 4 weeks from now.