22. Gulaschprogrammiernacht

bash is a systems programming language
06-01, 13:15–14:15 (Europe/Berlin), ZKM Kubus
Language: English

We'll show you all the cursed uses of bash you didn't want to know about. Implementing network protocols, compilers, and emulators? Coming soon to a /bin/bash near you!

During the presentation, we'll show you the really juicy details of how we stretched bash to its absolute limits in some of our craziest projects, while also teaching you about features that will hopefully one day prove useful in your own down-to-earth scripts.

This is a high effort shitpost: we woke up one day and chose violence — if in "violence" you include using bash for the things that really should use a systems programming language, that is. We implemented emulators, network servers, parsed text and binary data alike, and crafted libraries to help with all of the above – just so you don't have to wonder: "could it be done"?

Content Notes

questionable engineering choices


Five-dimensional being that would be unstoppable if only its brain were to cooperate. Unfortunately, that is not to be, so instead it just does mean things to computers sometimes.

bash witch with an interest in hacking cursed things
more broad interests: reverse engineering, networks, osdev and olde shite